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We were married August 30, 2008 in the Manti Temple. We both graduated in education. I then became a stay at home and Adam became a stay at school student. He returned to college to become a Physical Therapist. And thus our life is about discovery and adventures that we get to do together.
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Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have never seen the Broadway play Wicked before.  But I have listened to the songs and am on my way to one day going and seeing it.  But until then, I was listening to the song "Popular" and trying to come up with dance, scene, and those characters who might be in it.  While doing so, I started thinking about the term Popular and how far I have come from my grade school to high school to even college years of 'trying' to fit in.  Let's face it, I was in many ways a nerd.  I was very 'churchy', I had the glasses, some of the smarts, and well, my way of style might not have been the style of the time.  But I liked it... it was mature. Right?. hmmm... anyway.  I was amazed to find that I still, in many ways, try to 'fit' in with those who I might think of being, well, Popular. 

For example, in my ward there are those who would be considered in the high class of living.  The nice cars, credit cards that are used in paid off in the month, homes are posh, and well, they would be under the category of what is deemed as popular.  I don't really talk much with them.  Just a simple hi, you look great, and whatever I can seem to bring up, but nothing lengthy or full of substance.  Around August 2010, all that changed, for some reason they started conversing with me.  Can anyone tell me what happened in the month of August 2010?  That's right, Miss. Talkative, Bubbly, Fun Loving, Gabby herself. 

I don't blame them for talking with me so that they could hold Gabby.  I was finally in the circle until I realized that that was the ONLY reason they were talking with me.  One day, one of the said individuals was holding Gabby, as I reached out to grab her the girl thanked me for letting her hold Gabby.  I then smiled and said, "I don't know what we are going to do when we move..."  I took a pause at this moment, in which time she inserted, "Oh don't worry we will replace her with another baby."  I wanted to say, before she inserted her unnecessary comment, that I will have to hold her a lot more because I won't have so many hands to help me out, but I just smiled and walked away. Let's just say that she nor the others have held Gabby since. 

Ok, not really, but I have been tempted many a times to withhold that privilege. 

I suppose I wanted to know that Gabby and our family were being loved because of who we are, not because she fills some void because they have chosen to 'enjoy' life rather than have their own children.  But, I am deciding to let it go... for the sake of all the love that I have for them and because I do not know their situations.

I suppose it was the protective, offended, mother coming out and I was wrong.  Being popular is all in the eyes of the looker.  And I need to look in a different way. Or at least not look just to find popularity in others eyes or definitions.  

Well that feels good.  Another lesson learned.  Got to love it. 

The End.  Some cute pictures of Gabby.  The most popular girl I know :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just had to write considering that it is the new year and the date is so amazingly wonderful to write.  I didn't realize it until I was reading the newspaper that it was so cool.  That is what happens when you are no longer going to school and when you are no longer looking at dates.  I need to plan a vacation so I can start caring about dates and days. :)  I know that I haven't written in a while, but I will be continuing this week to get new information up.  But, for my giddy sake I just have to type one more time.... 1/11/11.  That just feels good.  1/11/11.  I can't wait until 11/11/11 or 11/1/11.  I might just throw a party.  Fun.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Dreadful Dream... then a quiet lullaby of a dragon and a castle

Last night I had a horrible dream.  You know, one of those where you wake up and you are wondering if it was a dream or if you are still there.  The dream is as follows.  
Warning: Viewers discretion is advisable.  Some of the scenes are not meant for young audiences

I was in a World War 2 setting where the homes were old.  There was smoke everywhere and sounds of shooting and bombs going off all around me.  The troops of some sort kept moving closer to where I was at.  I could tell that they were removing people from their homes, blowing up the homes, lining the people up and shooting them.  I knew that we were next.  An older man stood next to me, I knew him.  We were somehow close.  He then pulled out some pills and took them before the soldiers reached us.  They then walked us toward the building. I remember thinking that it was a mistake that I was there, but that there was no way out.  It was my time to die.  The older man stood close to me, he drank some water to get the rest of the pills down.  They faced us so that our backs were toward the building and that the soldiers who were shooting were behind us.  The old man grabbed my hand.  I held my breathe and then... the shots went off.  I felt them enter my body.  We all fell.  I laid there. I heard them come to us and check to see if we were dead.  I couldn't get myself to die though.  The old man looked at me and peacefully died.  Then a young boy came to me.  I pretended to be dead.   I didn't want to be shot again.  But he noticed that I was still alive.  He took a small gun to my head.  I fought him and escaped.  But I was found, then torched with fire until.... I woke up to Gabby's crying.  I got out of bed to feed her and I think I ran into every wall we have.  I was so scared that men were down stairs, with guns, waiting to come up.  I couldn't get myself to wake up from the dream.

After feeding Gabby, I ran into our room and woke up Adam.  I cried as I told him the story.  He then pulled me in, held me tight and told me a story...

"We are in Oregon," he began, "it is a cloudy day.  We hear thunder, but we are at peace.  The beach is beautiful.  We hear Gabby off in the distance talking and laughing.  As we approach her we see a pale to make a castle.  We build her the most beautiful sandcastle.  It has a throne just her size.  A draw bridge and high walls.  You pull out your camera and take pictures of her inside from the draw bridge.  Just then a dragon appears.  You think that he is there to hurt Gabby, but you realize that he is just wanting to knaw on her leg.  You let him and then think about what it is that he wants."

At this point I'm trying to think what his point is, but not wanting to return to my horrid dream, I continue to imagine the scene he is creating.

"You recognize the dragon to be me, Adam.  So, you ask him what he wants.  He responds with 'love'. 'You talk?' I ask.  'Why of course I talk, I'm a dragon.' he responds.  We then talk and talk.  I decide right then that all dragons are good and that all they need is love.  The kingdom agrees with me and dragons from far and wide come to our kingdom where we all live happily ever after."  The END

Do remember that this was 4 o'clock in the morning.  Adam dozed in and out while telling the story, but he never missed a beat.  After his lovely story, he then sang a few songs to me.  I was out after about 2... I LOVE his voice.  And that my friends, is a true story.  I hate my dreams sometimes, but I love how Adam rescues me afterward.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Graduations of 2010

Still backing up on what has been happening in the last years of life.  Today, I will talk about graduations.  First, my brother Josh graduated from the Fire Academy.  Congrats.  I am so proud of him.  The pictures really say it all.
Josh on top leading the other fire fighters

Still there, on the top

His boys came and were so excited.  His other boys for some reason couldn't make it though.  Oh and the back ground is the building that they lit on fire and had to put out.  We were worried about becoming engulfed in flames, but they were able to put it out in time.  Thank goodness.

The fire was fought, the flames are gone, the smell of smoke is ever so strong, and doesn't he look so pleased with a job well done?

My dad talking and congratulating Josh, I'm pretty sure.

We all got shirts from the academy in support of the graduation celebration

Even Brielle had a fire truck shirt to support- feel the love

The Graduates!! Notice that there is only one girl...

Moving on now, Jake also graduated in Business.  Pretty posh if you ask me.  He was able to get a job with Merrill Lynch and is now living the high life of being graduated, with a job in California, right next to Disneyland.  The poshness is the Disney part... hmmm... jealous.  But here is his graduation.

Jake's girl Brielle, obviously excited for her dad.

The happy Graduate

Waiting outside for the million names to be read off... boring. Jake was the only important name we wanted to hear.  Oh wait, and the last name that was going to be read.  Poor Trey, he is even bored.

Where's Jake? He is the one in the blue, looking at you...

Possibly confused... but he is a graduate. Trust me.

Still bored, I see


Becka is pregnant here, not Katie...

The next graduation would be me... yeah. After how long.  I swear it took longer for me to graduate- or so it felt.  With a year and a half break to go on a mission (well worth it) by the time I graduated it was 9 years after High School.  Remind you, I only graduated in Elementary Education.  You do the math. But here are the pics of the happiest third day of my life.  I was also 5 months pregnant when I finally graduated. Oh happy day.
Oh yes, I'm excited and shocked

The proud Mother in Law. 

The group of girl from my class.  We were together for 2 years!! You learn to love all of them.  Miss them.

One of my favorite professors.  He actually taught... hmm

Sweet Jessica... got to love her

The proud, oh so proud husband. 

The parents- probably tired of going to all those graduations.  And to think one more to go!! Well, for the next few months

Sad, she isn't showing her muscles or stomach, probably too happy to do so...

Now I know where Gabby gets her Blue Steel look from

At least he found something fun to do...

Gosh he is handsome.  He loves me... that is for sure.
Ok. Last, but not the end, Adam.  So, Adam did graduate in Secondary Education with a minor in coaching, ESL, and History.  However, this will be the first of the two degrees that he will receive.  We have decided that he will go back to school to become a Physical Therapist.  This will mean 4-5 more years of living like a college couple, but it is oh so worth it and to be honest we love it.  So, let's give it up for the graduate MR. Adam, the stud muffin he is.  Well done.

Yah!! So happy!!

Which one is Adam? Yep, the one up front and in the middle.

9 months pregnant here.  Go Adam

The oh so proud mother!!

In shock... or in love... or really neither

The proud Mother in Law

Sad, but true, no one else came to his graduation...

The Happy Graduate with his lovely wife and the soon to be little one.